Southwest Florida Fishing Forecast – June 2017

05/31/2017 5:16 PM | Ron Presley (Administrator)

Snook patrol
by Capt. Greg Stamper          

Summer time fishing patterns are in full swing starting in June. Starting up the Summer heat, June brings us near 90 degrees daily and with that begins our late afternoon thunderstorms. We fish early as long as the tides are good to take advantage of calm conditions and morning temperatures in the 70’s. Anglers can target just about anything now, so based on the winds and their direction we can go after different things.

Tarpon fishing is still the big deal throughout this month and will continue to be great. However, with so many anglers targeting tarpon it leaves many of the backcountry areas, rivers, and bays less pressured thus that fishing is excellent. So, if you have low winds you have the nearshore option available to target tarpon and nearshore species like permit, or play in the back bays and beach shorelines for snook, redfish, trout, etc.

Snook fishing is one of the finest things to do this time of the year. Snook patrol the beach shorelines in good numbers and can be targeted many ways depending on the anglers’ experience. We target them with artificial lures, swimbaits, flies, and of course live bait. Snook will not be back in season till the Fall so handling these beautiful fish correctly is important for a good release especially in the warmer water. Typically, I’ll just hold them in the water and take the hook out, have the client get the camera ready to go and a quick out of the water photo opt then we’re done. Once you get the fish back in the water, just let her suck on your thumb till she’s ready to go and that fish will be just fine.

Redfishing gets good in June as the afternoon rain storms cool off the water a bit in the evenings allowing for what is usually a good bite through the next morning. We target them on the open flats, around oyster bars, and as the tide rises along the mangrove shorelines. There’s plenty of bait around so you can go with the live stuff or throw artificial baits and do well. Some of my best redfish days have been throwing D.O.A shrimps or Rapala skidderwalks early in the morning.

Trout, snappers, jack crevalles, pompano, and sharks are just a few of the other targets during June that gives anglers of all skill levels a chance to bend a pole and catch some fish. Every day is different and trips are catered to the clients wants so having options is a good thing. Besides it’s fishing sometimes you just know when what your trying to catch isn’t cooperating. Having a backup plan is always a good thing and mine usually consist of a popping cork with a shrimp below it. So popping corks in 3-5 feet of water usually in grassy areas with some sandy potholes can help anglers on those tough days. There’s going to be a ton of sharks around for the rest of the summer. We’ve already been catching a bunch of them as bi-catch when tarpon fish, so if you really try for them that will be a no brainer as well.

Tight lines,

Capt Greg Stamper
Snook Stamp Charters

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