The Zales family began their life in charter and commercial fishing in 1965 when they brought their first fishing vessel, Sandra Gene III, to Panama City, Fl. Capt. Bob Zales, Sr was the Captain, Bob Zales, II was his deckhand, and Clara Zales ran the business. Capt. Bob Zales Zodiac Charter Fleet and Bob Zales Charters have been a family business ever since. Bob, II received his first USCG License in 1972 and began operating the 2nd vessel, Scorpio II, along with Bob, Sr. In 1975, Bob, II left charter fishing to pursue work in the offshore oil industry where he operated large offshore supply vessels and worked in management in Louisiana and the Netherlands until 1985 when he came back to his love of charter fishing.

Capt. Bob, II began working in the fishery management arena in 1987 in an effort to help provide common sense and real world experiences to the process. He has offered years of experienced testimony along with his time to help provide reason into the management process. This effort has led Capt. Bob, II to be active in several fishing organizations such as the Panama City Boatmen Association, the Florida Guides Association, and the National Association of Charterboat Operators. He serves as the Northwest Florida Director for FGA and as President for PCBA, and past President of NACO.

During his years of fishing, Capt. Bob, II won his first billfish tournament, the Captains Billfish Tournament in 1972. That tournament eventually gave way to the Bay Point Invitational Billfish Tournament which he won in 1993. He won and placed in many other major fishing tournaments over the years. Capt Bob, II is nationally recognized for his fishing knowledge and experience and as a national spokesman for recreational for hire fishermen.

He has published many articles on fishing and provides testimony to local, state, and federal agencies as well as providing testimony to congress. Capt. Bob, II has served on various committees appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and the Governor of Florida. He has been involved in creating national recreational for hire recreational data systems and has been recognized for his fish tagging efforts.

When you fish with Capt. Bob, II you not only get a great fishing experience but you are fishing with a nationally recognized fishing expert.

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