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Larry Sydnor

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I am a student of the great angling masters and highly educated on the fisheries in my location. I maintain all required credentials, licenses, permits and $1,000,000 commercial marine insurance to be entrusted with your safety and charter needs. I am an extremely popular inshore fishing guide because my power and expertise on the skiff's poling platform provides safe and unparalleled fishing adventures. Each trip is customized for adults and delighting youngsters for parental smiles, or serious angling as I am extremely competitive and have won many awards as both angler and guide from tournaments in the Florida Keys. I am USCG Master Captain, a respected member of the National Association of Charter Boat Operators, and the Florida Keys Fishing Guides addition to the FGA. I am a fly fishing specialist and do my best by EVERY angler to ensure a fun, fulfilling experience fishing the beautiful upper Florida Keys.


81576 Overseas Hwy



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