About Us


You are invited to join the Florida Guides Association, a statewide organization of Professional Guides, Corporate Affiliates, and Associate Affiliates who have been working together, since 1991, toward the goal of “Better Fishing through Conservation”. We believe it is essential to lobby to protect the rights of all recreational anglers for access and responsible use of the natural resources available in Florida’s State waters.

We believe in educating and enlightening the public concerning conservation of our fragile marine environment, while still maintaining our rights for proper recreational angling and boating use of these same waters.

Florida Guides Association is the only organization of guides invited to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FFWCC) strategic planning sessions and other crucial meetings affecting state fisheries issues. We are also currently working on stocking/tagging programs as well as other monitoring liaisons. FGA’s participation, in these FFWCC affiliations, demonstrates our commitment to helping improve Florida’s fisheries for everyone’s enjoyment.

The FGA is a sponsoring member of the NACO, National Association of Charterboat Operators, which addresses issues, crucial to the FGA and all recreational anglers, on a Federal level. All FGA Guide members automatically become NACO members. FGA/NACO guide members are also eligible for discount insurance rates with Charter Lakes Marine Insurance, a nationally recognized insurance agency.

The Florida Guides Association is not-for-profit organization.

All monies collected from membership dues, donations, sale of merchandise, etc. fund association expenses for the benefit of recreational anglers such as:


Attendance at FWC Fisheries Commission meetings as well as other meetings affecting recreational angling in Florida


The Cost of and distribution of Brochures, postage and supplies


The development of the website, hosting and administration


Clerical Administration and Membership Relations / Paperwork

Our primary concerns and goals are:

  • Our major environmental concern is to establish and maintain a reasonable “use” conservation platform which disallows exploitation, yet avoids radical, undue restrictions, rules and closures, and we have established a voice at state levels regarding fisheries management and conservation.
  • Our goal is to inform our membership, and the public, of the proper fishing techniques and boating methods to use while both enjoying and protecting the environment.
  • Education is paramount to maintaining our professionalism, so FGA will continue to be recognized as an important, concerned voice in Tallahassee.