The Florida Guides Association (FGA) is a highly regarded statewide organization established in 1991. Comprised of Professional Fishing Guides, Corporate Affiliates, and Associate Affiliates, FGA has been diligently collaborating to promote “Better fishing through conservation.” Our primary objective is to safeguard the rights of recreational anglers and advocate for responsible access and utilization of Florida’s abundant natural resources in its State waters.

At FGA, we recognize the critical role played by lobbying efforts in preserving and protecting the interests of all recreational anglers. Through our collective endeavors, we strive to ensure the preservation of fishing rights, facilitating sustainable practices that balance conservation with the enjoyment of Florida’s diverse marine ecosystems.

We strongly believe in the importance of educating and raising awareness among the public regarding the conservation of our delicate marine ecosystem. Simultaneously, we strive to safeguard our rights to engage in proper recreational angling and boating activities within these pristine waters.

Notably, the Florida Guides Association is the exclusive organization of guides invited to participate in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FFWCC) strategic planning sessions, as well as other critical meetings pertaining to state fisheries matters. We are actively engaged in stocking and tagging initiatives, alongside various monitoring collaborations, as part of our ongoing commitment to enhance Florida’s fisheries for the enjoyment of all individuals.

By staying abreast of the latest developments in legislation and regulations impacting recreational fishing, FGA actively engages in lobbying efforts to influence policy decisions and advocate for the rights of anglers across the state. Through our advocacy work, we aim to strike a harmonious balance between the preservation of natural resources and the enjoyment of fishing opportunities for present and future generations.

The Florida Guides Association welcomes passionate anglers, businesses, and individuals who share our vision for sustainable fishing practices and the protection of Florida’s diverse marine environment. Together, we can make a difference by actively supporting and participating in our ongoing initiatives, ensuring the continuation of responsible angling and the preservation of Florida’s natural treasures for years to come.

FGA guide members are also eligible for discount insurance rates with Charter Lakes Marine Insurance, a nationally recognized insurance agency.

The Florida Guides Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Conservation.

As a not-for-profit entity, our primary objective is to fulfill our mission without pursuing financial gains. We operate solely for the benefit of our members and the community we serve, upholding our commitment to providing valuable services and resources to the public. Our status as a 501(c)(3) organization ensures that our efforts are centered around charitable, educational, and community-oriented initiatives.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we allocate all funds collected from membership dues, donations, merchandise sales, and other sources towards supporting the expenses of our association. These expenses are dedicated to enhancing the experiences of recreational anglers by providing the following benefits:

We prioritize two main concerns and goals:

  1. Environmental Conservation: Our primary focus is to establish and uphold a balanced conservation platform that prohibits exploitation while avoiding excessive restrictions, rules, and closures. Additionally, we actively engage with state-level authorities to advocate for fisheries management and conservation.

  2. Public Awareness and Education: Our objective is to educate our members and the general public about responsible fishing techniques and boating practices that promote enjoyment while safeguarding the environment. We believe that fostering knowledge is crucial to maintaining our professional image, ensuring that FGA remains a respected and influential voice in Tallahassee.



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