Letter To Pinellas County

The letter from Captain Dylan Hubbard, the President of the Florida Guides Association, in support of the Pinellas County Artificial Reef, can be summarized as follows:

The letter, addressed to Charles Mangio, CPM, of the Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste, expresses support for the proposed Pinellas County Artificial Reef at the Kings Reef site. Captain Hubbard highlights the benefits of the reef, emphasizing its positive impact on the marine environment and the local economy. He mentions the enhanced fishing and diving opportunities the reef would bring to the area, which would contribute to various local businesses, including his own, through increased tourism and related expenditures. Additionally, he emphasizes the support of the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, which has played a significant role in the project. The letter concludes with Captain Hubbard's optimism about the success of the proposed reef.

February 10, 2022

Charles Mangio, CPM
Pinellas County, Department of Solid Waste
3095 114th Ave North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

RE: Pinellas County Artificial Reef

Dear Mr. Mangio:

As a resident and business Owner [Hubbard’s Marina] in Pinellas County, and as the President of the Florida Guides Association, I support the proposed Pinellas County Artificial Reef to be deployed on the Kings Reef site. The addition of this reef will be beneficial to both the marine environment and the local economy. An additional reef will enhance fishing and diving opportunities in Pinellas County. As an avid Recreational fisherman, Me, my Team, my business guests, and my fellow Florida Guides Association members will fish the site while contributing to the local economy through fuel, bait, tackle, hotel night stays, restaurant meal purchases and much more. This reef will develop into a quality fishing and diving attraction due to its proximity to land as well as Fort DeSoto County Park and Egmont Channel.

As a life member of Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, I also support their involvement in this project. CCA Florida has deployed 22 artificial reefs in Florida contributing both funding and donation of artificial reef materials. With the joint efforts of Pinellas County and CCA Florida, I am confident this proposed reef will be a huge recreation and economic success.



Captain Dylan Hubbard
President, Florida Guides Association

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